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Evolution and Astrology

Astrology & Evolution For heavenly bodies to be able to affect us, there must some way in which they hook into our physiology. How and why did our physiology evolve that way? Various people have considered ‘how’ – a mechanism … Continue reading

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Charles & Camilla

[original post 2005-04-20] Prince Charles and Camilla  Parker-Bowles finally got married!  We assume there have to be some aspects between their charts for them to have stuck it out this long… here are their charts. (Data from AstroDataBank). There are … Continue reading

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Fated Relationships: the Nodes

[original post 2005-03-21] A relationship between two people is usually reflected in their charts. Planets which are either conjunct (in the same place) or opposite cause there to be a connection between people with the characteristics of those planets. Typical connections … Continue reading

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Chart Calculations

[original date 2005-03-26 06:22:50]  Recently I was asked:  are the positions of planets in an astrological chart real? Do they correspond to what’s in the sky? How accurate is it? The short answer is Yes, these days charts are quite … Continue reading

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Zodiacs #3: a chart

[original post 2005] To make the difference between tropical and sidereal clearer, as related to the positions of the actual stars, here is a chart. Zodiac chart On the outside edge are written the names of the actual constellations. They … Continue reading

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Zodiacs #2. Where’s Zero?

[original date 2005-03-24 06:39:39]  The rough chart we constructed in part 1 shows the planets in approximately the positions they were in the sky. A rough chart But it doesn’t allow us to state their positions precisely. Astrology is an old … Continue reading

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Zodiacs #1. Chart of the Heavens

[original post 2005-03-23].  By request, here is an explanation of how horoscope charts are derived from the actual planets and stars, and how there come to be different zodiacs. It’s a complicated subject so there are simplifications here. THE SOLAR … Continue reading

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Nature vs Nurture

[original post 2005-03-20] The Nature vs Nurture debate has been going on a long time. The debate is about whether we are more influenced by our genes than our upbringing (or not). Biological determinists favor influence by genes (“nature”); those … Continue reading

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Pope John Paul II

[original post 04/08/2005] I’m writing this a few hours before the funeral of Pope John Paul II. There is some question about his birth time. The date and place of his birth are well known; AstroDataBank now have the time … Continue reading

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“Beneath A Vedic Sky” William R. Levacy

[original post 2005-03-27]   Bill Levacy’s book Beneath A Vedic Sky, published 1999, is a very workmanlike introduction to Jyotish.  For beginners its sections are well laid out and for those with some familiarity with western astrology it’s a very accessible way … Continue reading

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