Charles & Camilla

[original post 2005-04-20] Prince Charles and Camilla  Parker-Bowles finally got married!  We assume there have to be some aspects between their charts for them to have stuck it out this long… here are their charts. (Data from AstroDataBank).

Chart for Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles

There are lots of points of contact between their two charts, including that they they have the same Ascendant, Cancer. This gives them some empathy in their basic outlook and emotional nature.

Jupiter-Moon aspects are commonly found in long- lasting marriages and partnerships; Jupiter-Moon indicates that the Jupiter person understands and supports the emotional life of the Moon person. Here we have a double opposition – that is Prince Charles’  Jupiter is opposite Camilla’s Moon, and her Jupiter is opposite his Moon. This means the empathy runs both ways.

There is also a conjunction of Camilla’s Jupiter with Prince Charles’ Sun – another good aspect. Jupiter-Sun is a good friendship aspect.. the Jupiter person supports the personality and actions of the Sun person.

The Jupiter-Moon oppositions also take in a Jupiter-Mercury conjunction and opposition; these are not as important in the emotional life, but do show some comfort and ease in communication with each other.

There is also one of the fated aspects we looked at in an earlier posting [url]. Camilla has a natal Mars-Rahu conjunction, which makes for an active person with lots of energy. This conjunction is opposite Charles Mars in Scorpio, thus Camilla’s Ketu is conjunct his Mars. Since the two Mars are in Scorpio and Taurus with the nodes across them, and affects both their fifth houses, this configuration undoubtedly has a sexual charge to it.

Over all, the chart pattern here shows a lot of comfort and ease between the two, which contributes to their staying power.

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  1. Blake Walters says:

    Hi there, I’m a philosophy student with a theory similar to yours about astrology being an important factor in the formation of human personality in individuals. Just curious as to how these charts can be interpreted, and generated. Also keen to have a discussion with you about the topic in general if you’re willing, few people think there is any serious truth to astrological ideas, but I think there is some element of truth to astrological thought, and am looking at working on a PhD in Psych to prove it (or at least, provide some evidence for it’s plausibility), if I can find the right kind of evidence.

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