“Beneath A Vedic Sky” William R. Levacy

[original post 2005-03-27]   Bill Levacy’s book Beneath A Vedic Sky, published 1999, is a very workmanlike introduction to Jyotish.  For beginners its sections are well laid out and for those with some familiarity with western astrology it’s a very accessible way to learn how Jyotish differs.

It has what few Vedic Astrology books have, “recipe book” sections giving an idea of appropriate interpretation for planets in signs, planets as house rulers and dispositors, two-planet combinations and the effect of transits. These are obviously only general as you have to know see the whole chart to see how the various influences will play out, but they are extremely helpful for beginners.  I have more than once looked them up when slightly puzzled about someone’s chart and found his description included useful reminders of the possible range of meanings.

At the end of the book there are short introductions to various associated topics, including muhurta (choosing charts for special events like weddings) and mundane astrology (charts of cities and nations).  He includes some remarks about horary astrology (answering a question from the chart of the time it was asked).

This is a great introduction and reference and deserves a place in any beginning or intermediate jyotishis bookshelf.

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